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Childrens Menu & Desserts

All items are subject to availability and menus are subject to change.

Sizzling Bangers
2 pork sausages
From the Deep!!
Fish fingers in golden crumbs
Chicken Nuggets
Tender chicken pieces in a crispy batter
Cheese and Tomato Pizza This dish is suitable for vegetarians
Oven Baked
Beef Burger
Served in a bun with lettuce and tomato
Pasta Tubes
In a tomato & basil sauce
Topped with grilled cheese
Served with garlic bread

All of the above are served with chips, mash, or smiley faces, peas, baked beans or vegetables.
Ice cream
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate or Mixed
Jelly Pot
With ice cream or cream
Belgian Waffle
A warm waffle drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate ice cream
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